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This is ridiculous.

I’ve always been interested in computer stuff and web development has been no exception. I <3 the internet and all the information, design, content and lolcats. However, I never felt that building websites would be something I would enjoy doing for a living.

With this being said, the idea of blogging was very appealing to me. It seemed to be just the right mix of design, storytelling and general geekery that I am into. But I couldn’t ever seem to get really excited about wrapping my blogs, thoughts, stories, whatever… into a generic blog-wrapper that I downloaded from a theme site. There are many options out there, but never the option I would design for myself. If I could only harness the power of code and unleash a theme of my own… Somehow, over the past 8 years the time to learn such a skill has eluded me.

So, imagine my delight when yesterday I found a link to a tutorial on building your own WordPress theme at ThemeShaper. A beginner’s tutorial that assumed little background in hardcoded HTML, CSS and PHP. ‘Yay,’ I thought. This will be a joyous experience.

Tonight I began this journey into WordPress theme development. I’ve spent the last few hours going through this great theme building tutorial and have made some progress on the framework of what may become my design for a portfolio site… mikefreyder.com… maybe. My review so far is that code = difficult. The tutorial is great and relatively easy for a newb like myself. However, I find myself using a bit too much of ‘copy/paste‘ and not enough ‘learn/code‘. Of course, it’s only been one night and I’m only attempting to build one site.

I thought about updating this site with my theme as it currently stands, but it’s pretty atrocious.  I’ll wait until I go live with it at mikefreyder.com.  Oh, and how am I doing with learning to read and my lessons in Objective-C?  Don’t ask.  I don’t even know off-hand where my Objective-C book is.  :(

Now if only I could develop a Mac app with a GUI to develop a WordPress theme that could handle the book reports for books I don’t read…  Oh well.  Off to bed.

// mlf jr.

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